Julep Strainer Copper Plated - Ref: 3341

Julep Strainer Copper Plated - Ref: 3341



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  When enjoying a classic Mint Julep cocktail you don`t want to have the experience spoilt by rogue ice chunks and that`s where the Copper Plated Julep Strainer comes in. This strainer is perfect for use with a traditional Julep Cup as it stops those pesky ice chunks from leaping out the drink.

Product Features:
• Perforated concave cocktail strainer
• Material: Copper plated stainless steel
• Stops ice or fruit chunks pouring into your glass
• Fits standard Professional Boston Tin or Glass
• Hand wash only

• Height: 161mm
• Width: 75mm
• Length: 76mm
• Weight: 38g
• Depth: 84mm



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