Lava rock stone for archway charcoal grill 4.5kg

Lava rock stone for archway charcoal grill 4.5kg


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  • Packaged to suit catering trade standards ( typically 4.5kg in a bag )
  • High heat retention properties
  • Absorb high quantities of grease
  • Easy Clean
  • Stops flare-ups

Why use lava rocks? Isn’t gas enough? Lava rocks absorb, hold and reflect heat, which means that they do a much better job of keeping your grill hot as you use it. They absorb the drips from your food as it cooks, which can help avoid flare-ups. They are inexpensive compared to other things you could use for your grill, and they last for a long time, usually one to two years, depending upon how often you use for grilling. Finally, many people believe that food tastes better when it is cooked over lava rock.

Good gas barbecues will have lava rocks or vapouriser bars to help create that smoky barbecue taste.

Fat and meat juices dripping onto hot lava rocks below the grill evaporate, producing smoke and helping to add a chargrilled flavour to food.

Use Lava Rocks to give your barbecue a performance boost. Make no mistake, most gas grills are hot enough already, but if yours is a little on the old side or you’re having trouble getting it hot enough to cook your food, here’s a simple way to give it a lift: pack lava rocks around the burners.

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