DualWay Widemouth Squeeze Bottle Dispenser, Cone Tip, Natural, 63mm Opening, 16oz, 475ml 11663CF



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These Wide Mouth Dual Way Squeeze Bottles are perfect for high volume areas such as kitchens and fast food restaurants. The unique first in first out design allows you to fill the contents of the bottle from the bottom and dispense sauces from the top. This maximises health and safety compliance, reduce stock wastage and ensure that freshness is kept for longer.

Each bottle is clear in construction and the lid lets you quickly identify contents for easy dispensing. Each squeeze bottle is made from leak proof soft plastic, which give the perfect flex for faster prep and less wastage of ingredients. When stored with the dispenser facing up, the leak-proof dispenser will help keep your prep area clean.

  • Wide Mouth Sauce Dispenser
  • Dual Way Design for First In First Out of Ingredients
  • Easy to fill and clean
  • Improves health and safety and reduces wastage
  • Great for sandwich shops, delis and cafes
  • Leak Proof Flexible Design
  • 63mm Opening Diameter
  • 16oz Capacity



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