Food container 6.5 Lt airtight 1/2 size Gastronorm - 03033



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GN 1/2 h.100mm / 4" 6,5 L./ 6,8 qt Airtight containers, with their new lid design, preserve food better and for longer:

  • NEW IMPROVED AIRTIGHT SEAL. The new design of the double airtight lip on the lid improves the airtightness of the container so that it preserves food better.
  • INCREASES THE USEFUL LIFE OF FOOD. The lid has a channel that allows part of the air inside the container to be expelled, reducing the oxidation of food and prolonging its useful life by up to 25%* (*Study conducted by the Plant Origin foods Research Group of the University of Zaragoza).
  • EASY TO OPEN. The lid has a special tab to make it easy to open the container.

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